Thursday, April 29, 2010

1st Team Run THIS Saturday!

Just a reminder we will meet for the first time this season to run as a team!! Meet at Orchard Hill Church by 7am so we can start with some stretching, pray, and run the first of many, many miles this season!!  If you have any questions, bring them... Coach Don and a handful of other's will be available to assist you. We will run if it is raining, in case you are wondering.  If there is severe weather, lightening, or heavy down pour we will not.  However, if it is raining come ready to run :)  If you have any dri-fit material clothes I highly suggest wearing those as your bottom layer of clothing.  I also became a BIG fan of dri-fit running socks last year :) At least my feet did!  Look forward to seeing you all Saturday!! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nicole would like to anyone who lives near Reinbeck or Hudson to contact her at if you would be interested in getting together for a mid-week training run in that area.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Meeting Recap

For those of you who could not make it today (or for those of you who didn't remember everything discussed :) here is a quick recap from today's meeting. Thanks for all of you who could make it! I think the over-all feelings from people were those of excitement and nervousness!!  Trust me, the nerves start to dwindle away and the exiting part just keeps getting better!!

To start with...

*We have about 175 people currently interested in running with this team! Amazing! This is a FUN team to be a part of and it's a great way to train for a marathon!!  If you are not on Don's email list yet please email him at  He sends out weekly emails with info you will want.

*There are 4 main goals this team has and we will continue to reflect on these as we train:

1.) Use this event to praise God and advance His kingdom.
2.) Get everyone to the finish line healthy and happy!
3.) Develop a team mentality through building community and relationships.
4.) Raise money to build a school in Mozambique, Africa

*If you haven't already please get fitted for a good pair of running shoes.  The Runners Flat or Scheels will work with you each to be sure you have the proper shoes for how you step and run.  This will be crucial in avoiding some injuries down the road.  Mention our team and you will get a discount.  Most running shoes go anywhere from $70-$125. Well, well worth the money for prevention of injuries.

*Running logs!  Coach Don highly recommended starting a running log.  Record all your runs, how far you went, how long you run (time), and how you felt.  Last year I even recorded what I ate each day to help me figure out my stomach as I started getting into more miles.  If a problem rises as you train this will be the first thing Coach Don asks to see to help him know if your pain is related to injury or fatigue. Microsoft Exel worked great for me!

* Our first team run will be THIS SATURDAY (May 1st) at 7am.  Meet a few minutes early (maybe 3-5) to start stretching if you'd like.  We will gather in the atrium right outside the children's ministry wing at Orchard Hill Church.  I believe 3 miles is our task for the day!  Whoo-hoo!!  Last year at this time I had not run 3 miles yet... so whether you are running 1 mile or 10 these days... you can do this!

* Kris Hoskinson shared briefly about our mission to partner with Food for the Hungry and our friends in Mozambique.  I will post more later about this specific piece of our team and ministry. If you would like to you can learn more about Food for the Hungry at   More info on fund-raising will come down the road too.  Right now lets get you running :)

* Helpers!! Anyone wanting to get plugged in with a little more "leading" type places feel free to contact Don or comment on this blog if you would like to help in any of these areas...  team t-shirt/jersey design and distribution, hospitality, water/Gatorade stops, fund-raising, physical therapists willing to be available some Saturday mornings.  I'd be happy to answer any questions related to these areas or get you connected with the right people who are leading these areas. You can email me at

* Training schedules were handed out and can be picked up from Coach Don's office if you still need one!  They will also be available Saturday mornings.

* The book "A Non-Runners Marathon Trainer" was recommended if you'd like a resource to walk you through each week.  I read through this book last season and it was very helpful to me!  You can purchase this at University Book and Supply or here is a link from amazon:

* Two mid-week groups are running if you'd like to meet with them for some encouragement and accountability getting your mid-week miles in.  Tuesday's at 5:30pm meet at door 6 at Nazareth Church on the corner of University and Main St or Thursday mornings at 6am meet at the front doors of the Cedar Falls Rec Center. 

* Most of all... you CAN do this! This is a marathon training team and ministry.  If this is your first time doing a race or even running 1 block... you can do this.  The only race goal we have for this team is to get everyone across that finish line with a smile on their face. (or at least a smile shortly after :)  Do not get overwhelmed with the distance, the schedule, the fund-raising, the challenge ahead.  You can do this, you can do this, you can do this. I really believe that. This is an experience and whatever you put into it, you will reap the amazing results for days and days to come.  This is a team and while we are individually working towards goals of our own when we sign up, at the end of the finish line we are a team working towards 1 goal and doing it together.  I believe God intends for life to be done in community and with one another.  This experience will be a testimony to His will for our lives as we hit the trails together week after week and cross that finish line one by one on October 17th.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Have a great week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's that time again!

The snow has melted, the trails are clear, and the mornings are warming up! It is officially marathon training season again in Cedar Falls, Iowa!  Welcome back all you official marathon runners and welcome to our soon-to-be marathon runners. Not sure that is you, yet? Well, you should get used to calling yourself a marathoner. You will be surprised how little time it will take to call yourself not only a runner, but also a marathon finisher! A year ago at this time I was not even a runner.... in 1 year I have become both! You will too if you want to and believe you can!!! We are excited for this new team and ministry and especially excited to have so many great people working towards similar goals!!!  Yeah, Iowans for Africa Team!!!

To get things kicked off we will be meeting THIS SUNDAY at 12:30 in the Orchard Hill Church Community Center. (that is April 25th for any of you reading this late :)  This meeting will be important to gather with your team for the first time, meet Coach Don if you haven't yet, have many questions answered, and.... drum roll please.... get your training schedule! Yeah! We really hope you can make it! It should not last more then 30-45 minutes. Plenty of time for your Sunday nap still :)

Just a reminder our first group run will be Saturday, May 1st. 7am I believe, but I'm not 100% so I will clarify that later.  If you haven't already I would strongly recommend getting fit for good running shoes at either The Runners's Flat or Scheels.  Tell them you are on this team and you will even get a little discount.

Hope you are having a great day and look forward to seeing you on the 25th!