Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Details!

Read are a handful of last minute details you won't want to forget!

Expo is Friday from 3-8pm and Saturday from 10-6pm. Athlete Packet pick-up is Friday 3-8 and Saturday 10-8pm. Expo is located at Polk County Convention Complex 501 Grand Blvd, DSM. Plan to stop by our Iowans for Africa booth!

Pasta Meal is 6-8pm also at the Convention Complex on Saturday. If you'd like to meet as a team to try and get seat together please gather at 5:40pm.

Sunday morning:
-baggage claim opens at 7am at Capital Square
-TEAM picture at 7:20 at Nollen plaza meeting place
- Team message and prayer at 7:30 sharp at Nollen plaza (look for the green!)
- Race starts at 8am. You will want to stretch and get in your pace position.
- As the team finishes there will be a light lunch and cheering crowd back at our Nollen plaza spot. Please plan to stick around and congratulate your teammates. This would be a good spot to reconnect with your support team members after you finish your race.
- Nollen plaza is located at 400 Locust St

Runner notes:
-pack any and all running clothes and items that you could possibly use. weather can change directions over night in Iowa, so be prepared! Garbage sacks make for nice rain covers that can easily be tossed aside once you get going and if it were to clear up. Dri-fit gear under your team jersey will give you plenty of breathable space if it's a chilly morning. throw away gloves are handy for the first few miles and can be tossed aside once you get going. Same as a cheap hat. Some will wear old sweats over their shorts to the start line and pitch them once  the race starts. Remember, all clothing left on the side of the roads will be picked up for homeless shelters!
- don't forget to eat Sunday morning! Pack a breakfast, preferably something you usually eat before your long runs. I actually took my toaster last year to toast my whole wheat bread in Chicago! :)
- get a good night's sleep TONIGHT and FRIDAY night! That's when it's going to matter for your body anyways. Don't stress if you don't sleep much Saturday night. That's normal!
- Don't forget your shoes!!!
- pack a sweatshirt and pants and maybe some dry socks to slip on post-race. You may cool down fast and something warm and dry to put om will feel really good.
- take a small post-race bag with you for your post race clothes, ibuprofen, camera, hotel key, car keys, etc. You can check this bag or leave it in our team area.
-Have a meeting plan with those who will be trying find you after you finish. I suggest the Nollen plaza area.
- Biofreeze before and ibuprofen after!
- Vaseline or Body glide...cover your feet, toes, under arms, gals-under bra line, guys-nipple area, between legs if you want
- pin your number on your race shirt and your chip on your shoes the night before!
- do not wear your race shoes around all day Saturday either.

And last, but not least, bring a smile and a positive attitude! This will be awesome! I promise!!! So many are praying for you, have donated to your cause, have seen you train, and know that this race will be something you do and do well. We believe in you! Believe in yourself, get excited, and lets let our light shine!

The Lord will give strength to His people, He will bless His people with peace. Psalms 29:11

A a little quote for you today...  Run your race in thirds. Run the first part with your head, the second part with your personality, and the last part with your heart.

Go get'em Team! You got this!!!

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